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We can help you build and grow your business with electric bikes - sales, repair, rental, or a brand. We focus on new and creative ways of doing this business so that you have a competitive advantage in the market. We also focus hard in increasing the performance of existing ebike and bike businesses. 

We create business models and build and grow businesses through:
  • Consulting and coaching
  • Professional done-for-you, and done-with-you services
  • Online courses and training programs for you, your teams, and your employees
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 
Electric Bike Market Trend
Electric bike sales skyrocket, and the market predictions vary. So what is the truth behind this business? How many e-bikes can you sell now and in the future? How can you take advantage of this opportunity? You can sell much more in your local area than is predicted globally.
Ebike Business CONSULTING
Electric bike sales are booming, and it's the perfect time to get in on this industry. Let's discuss how you can take advantage of this great opportunity! I have had my ebike shop since 2012, and I have helped tens of other shop owners with their sales, repair, rental, or ebike brand business. Book a call now, and let's discuss your situation. 
Electric Bike SALES 
Do you want to take advantage of the electric bicycles' boom and get into this business as soon as possible? The bike and ebike business are currently in full swing and the right time to enter the scene is now! The market is already open, and now we have years of intensive continuous growth. Bike companies and shops do not manage to sell and service. The demand is bigger.
Electric Bike REPAIR
Want to know more about electric bicycle repair and maintenance? How is it specific compared to classic bicycles? How to do the basic but also an advanced repair and diagnostics? How much can you earn on it? Electric bikes are booming, and their repair is a great opportunity. Many bicycle shops do not manage to do the service correctly, on time, and they even reject the customers. 
Ebike Business JUMPSTART Program
Are You Looking For A New Business Opportunity? Get Into Electric Bikes! If want, to know The fastest way to understand, start and grow your ebike business … without wasting your time and spending lots of money, you’ll absolutely love my new EBIKE BUSINESS JUMPSTART PROGRAM. Here’s exactly how it will help you - understand the market, the competition, choose the right business and get all the information how to start and grow it the proven way.

My other programs
If you want to know more about my other programs, please book a call with me. 
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