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Electric Bike business
My passions are electric bikes and business. I am an e-bike business owner, e-bike certified expert, and business consultant. 

I help bike, and other shop owners sell and service more e-bikes and optimize their businesses to make more profit and freedom. 

I develop future business models of Artificial Intelligence bike selling and mass customized electric bike production on 3D printers.
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Jeremy Jackson
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Electric bike Sales
Ebike sales are going crazy and growing!
Ebike sales will grow 2-4x in the next 5 years to 80 Billion USD per year.
E-bike Services
Ebike customers need a different, better service. 
Ebike customers want other type of services than standard bike customers.
business Models
Today´s business models cannot handle the demand and needs. 
Business is changing fast and it will never be the same again. Ebike biz has different risks then biz with classic bikes.
The Products
Today´s products are not good enough yet. Let´s make them better. 
We need to customize our products and services. 
Riding bikes and electric bikes 
Servicing bikes and electric bikes 
Racing Mountainbike Downhill 
Organizing Races and Events
In Electric Bike Business
Experience in Production 
Bike Fitting
and mechatronic engineer
Ebike and Pedelec Expert
Million USD
Of sold ebikes
in team managed
Ebike Future Conference
I organized this event, because I think everything must change in the bike and ebike business. E-bikes will not be produced, sold and serviced the way we do it today. Learn about the newest trends from the World´s top experts. 
Dream Ebikes. Huge Sales. Exceptional Service.
Why today's ebike companies and sellers don't give enough value to the rider and even to themselves. What business models can handle this and who can beat the hungry market? Check out my presentation. 
World´s First 3D Printed Ebike
Stefan Ceman, Jan Kosturiak, Patrik Paul with the world’s first 3D printed enduro ebike (it is a real ebike printed from aluminum and it can ride). After the launch in October 2017, I have expected a lot: that we will show it to the world, gain some traction, push money into the business, and start doing big things immediately. The ebike is ready, and that is the main message. It shows that it’s possible to create a rideable 3D printed ebike fully customized for the rider.
I Started As A Rider
I started riding when I was six, I’ve been doing it for more than 35 years now, and I still enjoy it the most. As a teenager, I was drawing and constructing my dream bikes, making our existing bikes better, and making money repairing them at bike shops. Later I started racing, organizing races, running a sporting club. For the last eight years, I am running my own ebike business. This video is about my racing career - I was a member of our National Team and I have raced also on the World Championships and World Cups. 
  2035 Sunset Lake Road , Suite B-2 
      Newark, DE, 19702 , USA
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