Hi! I am Steve. 

I help business owners to set, grow, or optimize their electric bike businesses - sales, repair, rental, or product development. I also work on business model creation for ebike brands, models, drive systems. I help companies not only from the bike industry but also from entirely different industries and experiences. 

I have been riding bikes for 35+ years, racing for 15 years, and running my own business with electric bikes since 2012. I have been selling, servicing, and renting electric bikes - I have sold e-bikes for millions of dollars and serviced thousands of them. I have learned a lot in my business, and now I help others to do it better and faster. I also create 

I am not a general consultant - I am a certified e-bike expert, and the ebike business is my life

I can help you start, grow, and optimize your ebike business faster and easier. I am here to help you. The right time to build your e-bike business is now. Check out my products and services. 

2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2
Newark, DE, 19702, USA
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