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Welcome to the booming business with electric bikes! 

If you want to join this huge opportunity, we can help you with professional advice and help regarding: 
  • Starting, and growing, of your e-bike business
  • Increasing the performance of your company, teams and processes 
  • ​Training of your staff members 
  • E-bike market research
  • ​Ebike business strategy 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Business model creation
  • Product/Brand development and feedback
  • ​After-sales support - sales, repair, rental tactics, and training
  • ​Future of the business and trends 
  • ​Networking and Connecting 
  • Speaking at your events 
You can discuss with us also possibilities of professional done-for-you or done-with-you services, training of your teams, and more. Just contact me, let's discuss your situation, and we will find out if and how we can help you grow your electric bike business.
About Stefan Ceman
Founder of Ebike Steve, Inc. and Ebike Future Conference
  • Ebike Business Coach, Consultant, and Trainer 
  • ​​Bike Industry Insider - 25+ Years 
  • ​​Founder and Host of the global Ebike Future Conference 
  • ​​Electric Bike Business owner since 2012 
  • ​Sold e-bikes for Millions, trained businesses to sell even more 
  • ​​Creator of Ebike Repair Business Mastery Coaching Program
  • ​Co-Founder of the World's first 3D-printed e-bike 
  • ​​Certified E-bike Expert 
  • ​Former Mountain Bike Downhill Racer 
  • ​​Former Automotive Industry Manager 
  • ​​Proven Experience in large global companies and small local businesses 
  • ​​​Global E-bike Future Trend specialist 
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Our Clients
Our clients come from different backgrounds - not only from the bike industry but also from entirely different industries and experience levels. They also have different goals - some want to open their local ebike shops, rentals, or repair centers. Others want to start their ebike brands or connect their other business to the ebike market. Don't hesitate; let's jump on the call and discuss and find out if we are the perfect match and how I can help you grow your ebike business. 

Milan Kovacik
Founder, CykloSpital

"The Coronavirus crisis has stopped our event business — it stopped completely. Our passion for bikes gave us an idea to start doing this business. We needed an expert and contacted Steve Ceman to help us with it. Thanks to his excellent training, we have moved forward really fast. He opened the doors to all the new topics. His knowledge is vast — he gave us an introduction with great analytics, charts, and the market trend overview for the next years. Based on this data, we have together set the goals of this project. We were progressing great, but it also needed a lot of commitment from our side. We had no clue in the beginning how much knowledge we would need. We are starting the biggest repair center in our capital city. We are well prepared, and I have to admit that we would not do it without Steve’s help."

Filip Kedzuch
Owner, NajSport Ski&Bike

Filip K.: "We wanted to have another source of income for the summer. Already the first year was a great success!"
Filip owns a family ski shop. The winters are getting slower, so he decided to push more for bikes. He contacted us, and we have helped him with the growth of bike and ebike division. He was able to make nearly 1 Million in the first year! We have trained his sales team, and also his service team. 

Eric Mentalewicz
Employee, Starting own Full Cycle GR

"Steve, I am already very happy I made the decision to take your course. The extra one-on-one attention is really priceless and very much appreciated! I can't wait to implement all of what I am learning into my business! 
I want to focus on learning the service business and completing this course."

Vladimir Hucko
Owner, Devonic Bikes

"My company is engaged in the production of bicycle frames and iron structures for 16 years. Our business started to stagnate, so I approached Stefan. He helped us build an e-bike repair business from scratch - explained how this business works, help me set up processes, make a business plan, rebuilt the workspace. He also helped us a lot with marketing, thanks to which we have gained many new customers fast. They became returning customers. We were very successful at the time of the coronavirus. We grew, and I could even hire new employees for the next growth with repair and also e-bike sales."
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