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About Stefan Ceman

Hi! I am Steve. I work with business owners to set, grow, or optimize their ebike businesses. I also work with bigger companies on product and business model development. I help companies from different industries and experiences to jump into the electric bike business and take advantage of this fast-growing market. I am super passionate about everything regarding the electric bike business and technology. I work in the present but also create future business models. 
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Doing E-bike Business and Consulting
Ebike Business & CEO Consultant
I have learned a lot during the decades riding, racing, and working with bikes and e-bikes. I have learned the most since 2012, when I have set-up my own e-bike business. I help others go faster and better, without doing too many mistakes. 
Ebike Business Trainer
I train business owners and their staff how to sell, service, rent electric bikes. And how to set up systems as CRM, quality control of repairs, sales process, and much more. 
Certified E-bike Expert 
I have repaired thousands of bikes and e-bikes and I have gone through many electric bike trainings (business, technology, and service), I like to study this field from all sides. I am also a certified Fitter. 
Ebike Business Owner
I have started my own ebike business in 2012. Since then I have been testing different types of branches, showrooms and services. With a goal to find an optimal branch for multiplication. 
Research & Development
I had an idea of a complete new business model for ebike development, production, sales and service. I cooperate on more projects, for instance 3D printed ebikes. 
Ebike Future Enthusiast
I am super passionate about the future of electric bikes, and especially the future of ebike business. That´s why I created Ebike Future Conference - to gather the innovators and to create a better ebike future. 
Riding, Racing, Testing
Ebike Riding & Testing
I started riding when I was six, I’ve been doing it for more than 35 years now, and I still enjoy it the most. I am an aggressive rider, and have been testing many drive systems, so now I give feedback to producers about their e-bikes. 
Mountainbike Downhill Racer
I enjoyed mountainbike downhill racing the most. I was racing for more than 15 years. I did also other disciplines as slalom, cross country, marathons, winter racing.
National Team Member
For a few years I was a member of our national team and I took part on some of the World Cup and World Championships races. It was a short period, but I still like to brag about that :) 
Bike & Ebike Event Organizer
I enjoy riding with our customers and friends. We ride with our electric mountain bikes on different events. 
Bike Race Organizer
I like the bike sport very much, so I have organized many local and international races. 
Racing Tracks Creator
I have created more bicycle trails and tracks for races. I have founded my sporting club to support young riders. We had more than 30 racers at the top seasons. 
Work and School Background
Automotive Production Manager
I worked in automotive and different industries as a technician and manager. I connect the principles from big companies to ebike business. 
Mechatronic Engineer 
I have studied electrotechnics on secondary school, and mechatronics at college. I have also a degree in management and business. 
Lean Enthusiast
I like to optimize work -Lean Production and Lean Office. I don´t like wasting time, productivity, resources. 
Family Man
I enjoy riding with my wife and kids. Whole family rides, that´s great :) 
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2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2
Newark, DE, 19702, USA
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